Ronda Rousey Autographs Photos for Mom’s 7 Generation Games, Kickstarter Details

Famous UFC Champion, Ronda Rousey, has autographed some photos for her Mom’s video game company, 7 Generation Games. Currently, the developer has its latest title, Forgotten Trail on Kickstarter.


Ronda Rousey Autograph's Photos for Mom's 7 Generation Games, Kicktarter Details

Forgotten Trail is a game designed to make you smarter. It’s an adventure game in which the player’s avatar re-traces the Ojibwe migration, when the tribe walked half-way across the continent. If you survive your journey through our virtual worlds, you will have learned social studies, science and real-life math, along with encountering some interesting characters.

You can find out more information and back Forgotten Trail on Kickstarter. The game has 20 more days to go in crowdfunding. It will be available on PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Source: Facebook