Romance of the Three Kingdoms Mobile Game Launched by Koei Tecmo Games & Kaiser (China) Holding

Romance of the Three Kingdoms Mobile Game Launched by Koei Tecmo Games & Kaiser (China) Holding

SHANGHAI, Sept. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — A press conference announcing a strategic cooperation in terms of the official licensing rights for the mobile game Romance of the Three Kingdoms was held at China’s Shanghai Film Museum on September 1, 2016. Hisashi Koinuma, president of Japan-based Koei Tecmo Games, together with executives of four Chinese partners including Kaiser (China) Holding Co., Ltd., witnessed the exciting moment when the rights for the intellectual property representing Romance of the Three Kingdoms, one of the earliest mobile games based on the famous Chinese novel, were licensed to entities in China for the first time.

Intellectual property rights to the 30-year-old classic game licensed to China

Originating in 1985, the 30-year-old game based on a classic Chinese historical novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, has continued to gain popularity with fans around the world, especially Chinese players.

Youkia (Sichuan) Network Technology Co., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kaiser (China) Holding Co., Ltd., will be responsible for the research and development of Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI, backed by an exclusive global license, as well as joint distribution rights of the game in Android versions with Shanghai Tciplay Interactive Entertainment, a leader of its class in China.

A strong boost to the value of the intellectual property represented by Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Release of the first officially licensed mobile game version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms has attracted wide attention from Chinese players. Considering the game’s 30-year history, it became a challenge on how to attract new players while keeping veteran players engaged. All the core members of the R&D team responsible for Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI at Youkia (Sichuan) Network Technology Co. are experienced developers having put in many years creating games at Gameloft, Ubisoft and EA. Youkia (Sichuan) Network Technology Co.’s previous products have, for the most part, been market successes. Saint Seiya Rebirth, the rights of which have been officially licensed by Toei Animation and Masami Kurumada, was the third most popular game in the AppStore following its release, and became one of the top ten most popular games for several weeks running inChina.

Entertainment giant gathers both the R&D and the publishing of mobile games

Youkia (Sichuan) Network Technology Co.’s strength in R&D adds to the market expectation for success of the mobile version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI with the signing of the first official licensing agreement.  The company’s parent, Kaiser (China) Holding Co., Ltd., has established an end-to-end entertainment ecosystem encompassing online literature, cartoons and animation as well as film and television in addition to mobile games. The company is gradually expanding into overseas markets with game developers who have already built international footprints, by establishing partnerships that appoint them as the overseas distributors of the game.