Roll20CON Streamed Live this Weekend on Twitch

Roll20CON Streamed Live this Weekend on Twitch

Tagged and scheduled Roll20CON games are now ad free and have access to Dynamic Lighting until the end of the day on June 28th, 2017 — start preparing your games for the event today!

Roll20CON is the free, online-only celebration of the Roll20 Community, starting Saturday, June 24th and ending Sunday, June 25th, 2017. There are no timezones this year — the devs have scheduled the fun to continue through them all!

See the Let’s Play section for details on creating, tagging, & listing games for the event, plus keep an eye out for any Roll20CON specific games to join from our Looking for Group tool.

Once again, Roll20 is thrilled to be supporting Cybersmile, the international non-profit supporting victims of cyberbullying. Check out the Let’s Donate info to learn how you can donate to this amazing charity.

Looking for a little inspiration as you prepare for the event? Each year during Roll20CON the developers encourage the use of a few common GM prompts to unify their games across the community. See if you can sneak these concepts into your character and game prep!

  • Rose Colored Glasses – Strong use of a vision aid (monocle, spectacles, glasses, goggles, binoculars, crystal ball) to see something you would not have otherwise observed.
  • Confuse them with Kindness? – If someone (PC or NPC) saves someone else, be sure to thank them for saving you!
  • Friends All Around – Be on the lookout for your buddies, old and new.

Roll20 is also hosting another Twitch event alongside the festivities here at! Take a break from your games and head over to the Roll20 Twitch channel for two days of live role-playing and to see all of your Roll20CON on Twitch Game Masters!

Looking to attend? Roll20CON is open to all Roll20 users! Simply sign up on the official website.

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