Roll20 Announces Host and Guest Appearances at Roll20CON

Roll20 Announces Host and Guest Appearances at Roll20CON

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS – In preparation for the upcoming convention, Roll20,, the leader in online tabletop roleplaying games, has announced the hosts and Internet personalities who will appear during the event. Roll20CON will run from 12:00am until 11:59pm Pacific Time on June 3, 2016.

Roll20’s platform has grown significantly in recent years, due in no small part to strong support from the Twitch community, as well as positive relationships with game publishers. Roll20CON is an ideal opportunity to give back to these communities by highlighting successful Twitch streamers and industry experts. Roll20CON’s host has been announced to be Anna Prosser Robinson: performing artist, video games media personality, Misscliks co-founder, and Programming Manager at Twitch. Games Master in Residence for Roll20, Twitch personality and co-author of Dungeon World Adam Koebel will run games on the official stream schedule during the event.

Additional confirmed Roll20CON guests include:

  • DJ Wheat: Director of Programming at Twitch & Creative Host and Producer of Video Game Digital Media & eSports
  • Margaret Krohn: Host, Producer, VO Talent, Video Content Manager for NCSOFT
  • Steven Lumpkin: Level and Game Designer, GM for RollPlay
  • Rachel Quirico: eSports Host with Cyber Solutions Agency
  • Neal Erickson: Professional Dungeon Master & D&D Streamer
  • James D’Amato: Creator of the One Shot Podcast
  • James Introcaso: Host of the Round Table Podcast
  • Mike Pondsmith: President R. Talsorian Games, Inc., creator of Cyberpunk 2020, Castle Falkenstein, and Mekton
  • Cody Pondsmith: Author of the Witcher tabletop roleplaying game
  • Luke Crane: Creator of The Burning Wheel and the Mouse Guard RPG
  • Stephen Chenault: CEO of Troll Lord Games, creators of Castles & Crusades

During Roll20CON, Roll20 will attempt to break their concurrent user record. In addition to providing a full schedule of panels and games on their Twitch channel, convention attendees will be encouraged to begin their own games from home. Registration for these user-run games will open on May 3, 2016.

About Roll20

Roll20 began as an effort to keep developers Riley Dutton, Richard Zayas, and Nolan T. Jones in touch via long distance gaming. Since launching via Kickstarter in 2012, it has attracted over 1.2 million users as a free service. The program continues to be funded by subscribers who receive features that assist advanced gameplay.

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