Rocksmith 2014 Edition – Dynamic and Responsive

Rocksmith 2014

Ubisoft stated that Rocksmith 2014 Edition will have an expanded Lesson system that will do more than just identify the player’s mistakes.

The lessons will offer a solution to each player’s unique mistake.

The Ubisoft Blog’s Senior Community Developer, Michael Madavi said,

“In Rocksmith 2014, Lessons will be much, much more dynamic and responsive: now we’re not just telling you that you made a mistake; we’ll tell you what the mistake is and how you should adjust to correct it.”

“Trying to learn how to bend but not moving your note high enough? Rocksmith 2014 will let you know. Sliding one fret back from where you need to hit? Rocksmith will tell you specifically that’s what went wrong. Beyond that, if Rocksmith senses that you’re having trouble with a particular technique, it will pull you out of the interactive portion of the lesson and give you further instructions – this time with additional camera angles and tips.’

“Lessons are just one part of Rocksmith that has been seriously improved and re-worked in Rocksmith 2014,” Madavi continued. “In the weeks to come we’ll be releasing more details on gameplay, features and more.”

Rocksmith 2014 Edition is scheduled to release October 18.

Are you excited about this unique way to learn or improve your guitar playing skills?