ROCK BAND Free Update Brings Missions & Seasons, June DLC Announced

ROCK BAND Free Update Brings Missions & Seasons, June DLC Announced

Initial June DLC Lineup for Rock Band 4 and Rock Band VR Revealed

Boston – May 31, 2017 – Harmonix released a major update to Rock Band™ 4 today, marking the third time this year that a significant update has been provided for free to Rock Band 4 players on Xbox One and PlayStation®4.

Up first is Rivals Seasons, a significant reworking of the Rivals Challenge format introduced last year. Rather than competing in a never-ending string of weekly challenges, Rivals mode is now broken up into eight-week long Seasons with unique rewards for top-performing Crews. At the start of each season, standings are reset and all Crews begin their climb up the leaderboard again.  Seasons were designed to make Rivals mode more approachable. To that end, demotion has been removed, allowing for players to take a week off without losing a rank. That doesn’t mean the climb to the top will be easy – only the best of the best will make it to Bloodstone. Season 1 begins June 15.

The Rock Band Rivals Companion App has also been updated in preparation for Season 1 – it is a must-have for competitive Rivals Crews and party players alike. It features a full song list with filtering and search functionality, live Rivals crew chat, leaderboard access and more. The Rock Band Rivals Companion App is available now on both iOS and Android.

Today’s free update also introduces Missions to Rock Band 4. The Rock Band Missions system sets up a fun musical scavenger hunt through a player’s entire Rock Band song catalog. For example, one Mission may require hitting 250 notes in Overdrive in a single song, or getting at least three Unison Bonuses in 10 different songs. Completing Missions will earn players badges that they can show off in Online Quickplay and it’s a great way to get reacquainted with a song library.

For more on Rivals Seasons and Missions, as well as information about updates to the Activity Feed, a level cap increase, Vocal Overdrive and bug fixes, please check out the full patch notes here:

Those aren’t the only additions to Rock Band – the next month of DLC features chart-topping hits; two free songs from Permaband, CCP Games’ in-house band; a Rock Band Rewind track and more. Here’s a look into the month ahead for the Rock Band 4 DLC Library:

  • Dream Theater – “Pull Me Under”
  • Fleetwood Mac – “Go Your Own Way” (First appeared on Rock Band 2)
  • Permaband – “Killing Is Just A Means…”
  • Permaband – “Wrecking Machine”
  • Pierce The Veil – “Circles”
  • Rush – “Freewill (Vault Edition)”
  • … and more!

ROCK BAND Free Update Brings Missions & Seasons, June DLC Announced

Two more chart-topping tracks make their way to Rock Band VR’s DLC Library this month. The following songs will be available for purchase in the Oculus Store on Wednesday, June 7 for $2.99 per track:

  • The Weeknd – “Can’t Feel My Face”
  • Twenty One Pilots – “Stressed Out”

Stay tuned to Rock Band’s Twitter and Facebook pages for additional news and information about Rock Band throughout the month.

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