Robot Conqueror Now Available on Mobile Devices

Robot Conqueror Now Available on Mobile Devices


Developer Crendel Studios, based in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, has announced that Robot Conqueror is now available for Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices.

Robot Conqueror is a meditative scroll-shooter based on Gesture gameplay. The main game feature is gesture controls gameplay gimmick, that means that in order to kill enemies you will have to enter different gestures without lifting your finger. You play as a giant robot-demolisher, which is controlled by the mind of an alien, whose civilization has gone extinct for a long time ago. There are lots of weapons in your arsenal: Laser, Uberlaser, Giga-Drill, Rocket launcher, Machine-gun, Ultrasound Beam, Flame thrower. The Robot is hulking, so to protect himself, he uses a plasma shield. All your ammunition is upgradable- you can decrease it’s overheat or increase it’s power. Also, there are Bosses and a Rage-mode for more action-packed fun to be had.


  • Unique gesture controls.
  • Gorgeous character upgrade system.
  • Plenty of levels.
  • Bosses and Rage-mode!
  • Variety of weapons.
  • Global rating system.
  • Various weather conditions.
  • Story about the giant robot destroyer.
  • Permanent developing.

Take a look at the Robot Conqueror video:

You can download Robot Conqueror at the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone.

Source: Press Release