RIVE New Worker Drone Concept Video

Developer Two Tribes has released a new worker drone concept video for its new metal-wrecking, robot hacking shooter, RIVE.
RIVE New Worker Drone Concept Video

Here is what the developer had to say,

This is a concept we’re working on for our upcoming shooter RIVE. Basically we added so called worker drones (placeholder art) that homes on large asteroids. Once when see one, they will tag it and alert a missile silo. That missile silo will then launch a BFG-like missile to annihilate the asteroid. Make sure you’re not in its path.

The asteroids can also be killed manually, but then they will break-up in smaller pieces. So what strategy would you choose? Wait for the workers to do their thing, or kill them and try to do it all yourself?

RIVE will release in early 2015 for PC and consoles. What did you think of the video?

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Source: TwoTribes