RIVE by Two Tribes Launches on PS4 and PC Sep. 13

RIVE by Two Tribes Launches on PS4 and PC Sep. 13

Developer Two Tribes has announced the pre-launch update for their last game ever, RIVE.

  • Launches September 13th on PlayStation 4 and Steam (Store Page)
  • Launch price $12.75 / €12.75 (normally $14.99 / €14.99)
  • Six hour campaign
  • Voiced by Mark Dodson (Star Wars and Gremlins)
  • Speedrun and Single Credit modes
  • Dozens of leaderboards

RIVE is the metal wrecking, robot hacking shooter. Its 360-degree shooter/platformer hybrid causes a ‘dance of destruction’ during an insane sequence of spectacular battles and setpieces. In the role of space scavenger Roughshot, players can hack their enemies, fire off special attacks, and prove their mettle in multiple game modes.

RIVE Key Features:

  • Dance of destruction – RIVE’s unique 360-degree shooter/platformer hybrid lets you choreograph a ‘dance of destruction’. It feels like the explosive games of yore, pumping megapixels like it’s 2016.
  • Roughshot’s story – When space scavenger Roughshot gets trapped on a mysterious starship, he has to form a surprising alliance. Don’t care about the story? Just shoot the messenger. Literally.
  • Hack those robots – Ever dreamed of controlling your enemies? In RIVE you can. Find the hacks and get those gun turrets, nurse drones and irritable smashbots on your side. Or hitch a ride on top of a bullet train!
  • Special attacks – Grab an ammo crate and attack with a burst of Falcons, Teslas, Kesslers or Blunders. Is the battle wearing you down? These special attacks will save your behind every single time.
  • Multiple game modes – RIVE offers an insane sequence of spectacular battles and setpieces. You won’t believe what’s happening to you… and that’s before you even tried the Single-Credit and Speedrun modes.

Stay tuned for RIVE’s launch trailer, coming this Tuesday.

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