Rise of Incarnates New Character Brynhildr and Map Available Today

Bandai Namco Games just announced that the new character Brynhildr and a new map are available for the Rise of Incarnates Beta.

BRYNHILDR Gaming Cypher

The new stage, Battle in Paris, has also been announced, as well as matchmaking fixes and new character optimization options.

PARIS will be open as a stage selection for battle – This circular stage surrounds the Arc de Triomphe, which can be destroyed. You will have to fight around and within the Arc de Triomphe while taking cover from enemy attacks. Once destroyed, you must adapt your strategy as you can use the remaining pillars as cover but also climb on to use them as vantage points.

Here is Brynhildr’s biography:

A childhood of abuse at the hands of her father ended the day she awoke as an incarnate. Fear of retribution for his violence led the man to take his own life a few years later. Already isolated by her status as an incarnate, Quinn faced further alienation as she was passed from orphanage to orphanage, ultimately ending up at a facility run by the United States federal government.

Dreaming of a society in which incarnates could coexist with normal humans free from discrimination, she began to seek out ways to contribute towards the greater good of the world. Yet headlines about incarnate crimes and acts of terror indelibly marked her kind as a threat to be feared by the general public. Her frustrations grew into a deep resentment of the rampaging incarnates, and she came to believe that the tremendous power incarnates hold required an even more powerful system of law and justice to restrain it. She found that power as commander of the Wild Hunt.

Brynhildr Gaming Cypher 2

Take a look at Bryhildr’s special move below:

You can sign up for the Rise of Incarnates Beta right now

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