Ridiculous Triathlon Headed to Mobile April 16

Developer CremaGames has announced that Ridiculous Triathlon is headed to mobile devices next week.

Ridiculous Triathlon is an endless runner in which players compete in a thrilling three-stage race of running, cycling and swimming. Players simultaneously control a personalised three-character team that races through the iconic streets of Barcelona, London and Tokyo. After honing their skills, gamers can compete with friends for the highest score and beat their records, to obtain ultimate bragging rights.


  • Original and innovative runner game (for real!!)
  • Travel through cities around the world. Visit the beaches of Barcelona (Spain), the emblematic areas of London (United Kingdom) and the Mount Fuji in Tokyo (Japan)
  • Personalize the characters, the bicycle and the swim suit with funny elements!
  • Each triathlon stage – running, cycling and swimming – has its own unique dynamics and controls

Here are some screenshots:

Here is the launch trailer:

Source: Press Release