Riders of Icarus Review for PC

Riders of Icarus Review for PC

This is Gaming Cypher’s review done by Jess The Arch Mage for the PC version of Riders of Icarus by Nexon America and WeMade Entertainment.


Riders Of Icarus! The title alone caught my attention. An Epic Fantasy with mountable dragons isn’t something one just passes up. When I first launched it up I was pleased with the character creation. The abundance of hair styles, facial hair, eyes, and skin tones was great! I wasted a lot of time trying out the features. I did not notice a rotate character model feature, in which case it made it difficult to view hair styles & facial hair.

When asked if I would like to have traditional keys or action-based keys for game play, I was mind blown! Usually you would have to just stick it out with whatever keybindings or gameplay features the game had to offer. That indeed is a great game changer to the MMO genre.

Riders of Icarus Review for PC

The cinematics embedded with the quests were really immersive for me. The story you are running through is entertaining. The animations were decent, but it could definitely need love into making the animations smoother. The idea all together is indeed a clever one, I just wish they had spent a little more time on it.

I chose traditional MMO keybindings for my character. I instantly had to change 5-10 keys for my personal comfort. I did like the click to move feature, but I did disable it because I’d found myself trying to pause the combat like in Baldur’s Gate.

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This could have just been me, but the camera speed seemed slow. Even with maxed camera speed & maxed mouse sensitivity. I still did not feel like it was quick enough for PvP/Arena style gameplay. Over all the game is beautiful! From the lighting effects to the stones on the wall. Game play has slow response time, but it is easily overlooked. I rate Riders Of Icarus a 7.5 out of 10. The game looks great, but it needs a little more love.

Watch the Riders of Icarus Official Open Beta CG Trailer:

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