Riders of Icarus New and Upcoming Content Revealed

Riders of Icarus New and Upcoming Content Revealed

Lead game designer, BK,  for the Riders of Icarus development team at WeMade, has revealed new and upcoming content for the game.

“As we continue to fine tune and improve PvP, we are simultaneously working hard on creating new and exciting PvE content! I wanted to share with you some information on the upcoming updates so you can see where Riders of Icarus is going in the near future.”

Lair of Lenos:

Riders of Icarus New and Upcoming Content Revealed

Grand Warlock Goraktus of the Fallen Legion sent Ienos on a mission to collect rare familiars in order to enhance and reinforce their army. Following trails of evil energy found in Parna’s Coast, the Arcanum discovered the source—the Lair of Ienos—and now the Arcanum turns to you to vanquish the evil from this realm.

Very soon, the “Lair of Ienos” will appear in Parna’s Coast near Big Snow Camp. Starting at level 35, players can complete a daily quest to enter the lair and defeat Ienos for his Familiar Control Stone. Then, two familiars randomly selected from a pool of elite and heroic beasts will appear in his Lair. Players can then attempt to tame one of the two familiars. Whether you fail or succeed, there will be another opportunity the next day to slay Ienos and take your chance at two new random familiars.

Ienos is scaled so that many players of various levels of skill can defeat him and access his lair. This solo dungeon does not take much time to clear, so we think the lair will be very helpful to those players asking for wider access to familiars from all across Hakanas, including Parna’s Coast and the Exarahn Badlands.

Tritael Rift:

Riders of Icarus New and Upcoming Content Revealed

In another future update, Riders will be able to visit an area known as the Tritael Rift. Once a flourishing place, Tritael Rift was torn apart by the battle between the goddess Ellora and the God of Ruin, Zelnaris. Though that battle has long past, there’s still constant conflict in the area. The Fallen Legion and Tempest Dragons have a plan to upset the balance in the Rift and create an explosion that will render Hakanas asunder. Only you and the Pegasus Knights can stop them and secure the safety of the kingdom.

With a sky of blue and pink, the area is rich with energy emanating from the rift and there is little solid ground on which to stand. With the blue sea below, here, you’ll truly test and hone your aerial skills. Though this a vast area, there are pockets of energy to be discovered where players can quickly recover their mount’s energy. Of course, there will also be a wide variety of exciting and new familiars to capture and collect.

The Breach:

Riders of Icarus New and Upcoming Content Revealed

Found high in the sky of the Tritael Rift, this dungeon is for high level Riders. Here, Supreme Commander Izhora is gathering souls to create an army. Izhora and Umax the Devourer will be a greater challenge than players have faced before, with deeper and more engaging strategies required to defeat these bosses. Those who are victorious and vanquish Izhora will find the Supreme Commander weapon and armor sets.

Riders of Icarus New and Upcoming Content Revealed

Gusting Isles 

Sealed away since the end of the War of Light, the titan Trauna was a weapon used by the God of Ruin. Now free, players must put an end to the dangers presented by this returning threat. This 10-player dungeon will push your skills to the limit, but there is incredible gear awaiting those who are victorious.

Riders of Icarus New and Upcoming Content Revealed

Bug Fixes

The development team for Riders of Icarus wants to deliver new and fun content as quickly as we can, and since we’ve done this at a very fast pace since Open Beta began, many bugs have arisen that we have not yet addressed. We are working diligently on fixing these bugs as well as introducing new content.

We are also reading the forums and listening to player feedback. Everything you post in the forums helps us a great deal in improving Riders of Icarus. For example, we saw that there were a great deal of players attempting to simultaneously tame familiars. Therefore, we increased the spawn rate with the “Like” event buff which will persist until the Lair of Ienos update, at which time players will be able to use the lair to alleviate the stress of acquiring certain rare familiars.

We also saw feedback on the power of Explosive Shot in PvP, which is why damage was reduced. We also saw players’ concerns regarding mounted Riders attacking unmounted Riders and adjusted the accuracy of mounted attacks which will, in turn, reduce the number of fly-by kills. These are just a few examples of how we are continuing to make adjustments to the game during this Open Beta testing period.

The Future

The Lair if Ienos, Tritael Rift, and Gusting Isles are not the only new experiences coming with the content updates. There will be new systems, features, and fixes as we work towards the goal of continually improving Riders of Icarus for all players. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions in the forums.

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