REVIEW of Skyhill PC Version

REVIEW of Skyhill PC Version

This is Gaming Cypher’s review of the PC version of Skyhill by Mandragora and Daedalic Entertainment.

Skyhill is a wonderfully-crafted mixture of semi horror (based on mutant attackers), turn-based combat, survival, crafting and role-playing. The game begins as you find yourself in a VIP suite of a 100-story penthouse right after a nuclear attack. Every guest and employee of the hotel has been turned into some type of mutant and your goal is to make it downstairs to the lobby.

REVIEW of Skyhill PC Version

Each floor consists of a middle section and two rooms, one on each side. The rooms will consists of supplies to satisfy your hunger or crafting materials. A lot of rooms also consist of enemies, whom you must defeat in order to progress. The elevator needs to be fixed in order to make the jump from top to bottom or vice versa. You’ll find this very useful instead of having to climb up and down the stairs over and over again.

Each time that you enter a room or proceed to another level, you will lose a hunger point. Once your hunger points are depleted, you’ll begin to lose health points. This is a very fun strategy game as several times throughout your journey down the stairs, you will need to make you way back up to the VIP suite in order to sleep (replenish your health, which takes hunger points away) and craft necessary items to progress.

REVIEW of Skyhill PC Version

Along the way, you will have to decide if you should consume foods or drinks of lower point levels or save a bunch for when you really need it.

As you begin to get to level 50 and below of the building, the enemies seem to triple so you will begin to lose points a lot faster. Once your health and hunger points are depleted, you have lost.

Our only complaint about this super fun game, is that once you die, you cannot save your progress, but will have to start all over again. But this also made us craftier and smarter about making better hunger/health choices the more that we played.

Overall, we definitely recommend a BUY and give Skyhill a 4/5.

You can download Skyhill for $13.49 (10% discount) on Steam.

Here is the release trailer: