REVIEW of Kung-Fu Sheep on the iPAD

REVIEW of Kung-Fu Sheep on the iPAD

This is Gaming Cypher’s iPAD review for Kung-Fu Sheep by Slovenian game developers ActaLogic and MediaAtlas.

In Kung-Fu Sheep, you get to play as BaaLee, a sheep who studied Kung Fu martial arts. While running through 3-tiered platforms through infinite corridors, you’ll have to dispatch enemies as well as collect various tokens.

Kung-Fu Sheep has two modes, Regular and Endless. In Regular mode, you start out with three lives and get a bonus life every 3 levels, whereas in Endless mode you start out with four lives. Regular mode unlocks a new foe for next level, speed goes up every level and level 30 increases speed indefinitely. In Endless mode, you speed constantly, there are no levels, and it does not count for the belt challenge.

REVIEW of Kung-Fu Sheep on the iPAD


The controls are pretty simple, click Right Arrow to move right, click Left Arrow to move left, press top of screen to pause and swipe finger across the screen for a Long Jump. You also get tokens, which enable multipliers at a x16 maximum. Simply press the different colored button in the correct sequence before time runs out.

You will have to follow the coins in order to find foes and Ability Tokens. A circular token is worth 20 points; a triangular token gives 50 points while a square token is worth 100 points.

Your fighting abilities are the Panther Dive in which you can defeat your foes by jumping on their heads and the Phoenix Strike in which you press the matching ability to defeat your foes. There is also the Leaping Frog where you use your long jump to send your foes flying and the Crocodile Sneak where you sneak up on foes from below and head bump the platform on which they are standing.

REVIEW of Kung-Fu Sheep on the iPAD

Sometimes, when I tried to perform a long jump, I only accomplished a regular jump as well as the other way around, which caused BaaLee to die. I also noticed that several times a foe would spawn suddenly right in front of me, not leaving me enough time to defeat it, and BaaLee would die. Pausing the game will make BaaLee float down very slowly from a Long Jump, which in most cases, caused him to die.

The graphics were fine and colorful and the sound effects matched the game. Kung-Fu Sheep is free-to-play with paid microtransactions.

Here is the trailer:

Overall, it’s a neat way to spend your time and can be played by all ages.

We give Kung-Fu Sheep a 3.5 out of 5.

You can download Kung-Fu Sheep at the App Store and Google Play.