REVIEW Guns, Gore & Cannoli on Xbox One

REVIEW Guns, Gore & Cannoli on Xbox One

This is Gaming Cypher’s review of the Xbox One version of Guns, Gore & Cannoli by developer Crazy Monkey Studios.

This is the first Belgian game ever to be released on Xbox One and we must say, it delivers a chock full of crazy, rampage fun! The 2D graphics are very vibrant and capture your attention as you attempt to get through horde after horde of villains. You’ll find yourself deeply immersed as you play as Vinnie Cannoli in the Prohibition Era set in the fictional Thugtown circa 1925 complete with gangster accents! In addition, the epic gangster story fits right into the non-stop action platformer.

REVIEW Guns, Gore & Cannoli on Xbox One

We really enjoyed the wide array of weaponry and found ourselves using muscle memory when switching (very quickly) from weapon to weapon in order to kill different kinds of enemies. We experienced zombie football players stampeding us, butchers throwing knives (or machetes) at us and crazy zombie prom queens trying to demolish us. The kicking command came in pretty handy as well if we didn’t manage to get the right weapon in time. Just kick the enemy to move him away and hope to get your weapon loaded in time to destroy the enemy before he or she kills you.

Not only can you play solo mode, but you’ll be able to utilize the co-op mode and play with friends. So double the fun!

Here is the Xbox One launch trailer:

We recommend Guns, Gore & Cannoli as a BUY and give it 4.5/5

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