Revelation Online First Content Update STARDUST Announced

Revelation Online First Content Update STARDUST Announced

New PvP and PvE elements bring more endgame options to the Open Beta

Global Publisher and developer NetEase proudly announce the major game update Stardust, arriving soon for Revelation Online – the free-to-play MMORPG currently in open beta. This update includes the new Guild vs.Guild map Starshatter Island, the long-awaited Faerie’s Funland map, localization refinements and various gameplay enhancements. Revelation’s new Funland is an amusement park that offers leisure activities and is the magical place where players can become part of a living board game in which the tiles represent various games within the game. Roll the dice, complete the minigames and challenges and walk away with the latest rewards!

Starshatter Island

Players can also ready themselves for a new Guild versus Guild map. Sharpen blades, summon guildmates, oil the mining-machines and prepare for battle on Starshatter Island. The map is rich with precious minerals that players and their allies must secure, lest they fall into the hands of opposing guilds who will reap the benefits for themselves. Only the strongest guilds will succeed here, so prepare for war and don’t let those resources fall into enemy hands!

Here is the Revelation Online Faerie’s Funland Trailer:

Revelation Online is a breathtaking Massively Online Multiplayer experience in which players will discover the lands of Nuanor. Explore a vibrant world of ancient mystery, and use the power of flight to experience absolute freedom. Spread your wings or master one of the many aerial mounts to soar through the sky. Dive into the waters or climb to the top of the world – in Revelation Online you can freely reach any place

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