Retro Brawler CRAZY PIXEL STREAKER Coming to Steam March 2

Retro Brawler CRAZY PIXEL STREAKER Coming to Steam March 2

BarcelonaLubiterum, young indie game development studio from Barcelona and the game label The Sidekicks are proud to announce that Crazy Pixel Streaker will be available for PC on Steam March 2, 2016.

Crazy Pixel Streaker will go into an Early Access period meant to gather as many gamers as possible in order to test and review the online cooperative battle mode, one of the key feature of the game. During Early Access, the studio will also invite the community to take part into the game craziness and invent and propose the most unexpected weapons and hats. The best suggestions will be added to the game.

Retro Brawler CRAZY PIXEL STREAKER Coming to Steam March 2

Lubiterum announces that this Early Access is meant to be a short “polishing” phase and the final release on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux is scheduled before summer.

As a reminder, Crazy Pixel Streaker is a fresh and insane brawler with rogue like elements. It comes with a retro look as crazy as its instantly fun gameplay. Players control a team of stupid streakers abducted by angry aliens and forced to crash the field into the Earthian most popular sport competitions in order to steal the trophies. They will have to survive huge waves of security agents using devastating weapons like watermelon bazooka or Coke & Mentos Grenades. They will get to fight epic bosses and even ride a magical rainbow pig!

Joan Godoy, founder of Lubiterum, says: “After months of development we are ready to spread craziness and chaos in the world. Our goal with Crazy Pixel Streaker is to offer anything but fun. Just instant fun whether playing solo or with your friends. We inspired from old arcade games to build the game with the idea to get players just to focus on kicking, shooting, laughing and, of course, running naked into the fields. We want everyone to say “WTF is that game?” and then get stuck into our funny madness.”

Here is the Crazy Pixel Streaker Steam Early Access trailer:

Crazy Pixel Streaker will be available for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam March 2, 2016.. The Early Access will be proposed at the special price of $9.99 / 9.99€ . Console players can expect a release on Playstation 4 and Xbox One during Q4 2016.