Resident Evil 6 – April Online Events Schedule, Trailer

Capcom has released Resident Evil 6’s April online events. You can view them below:

  • Extermination Tactics (ends this week!): Kill 3 million enemies within the limit
  • Bound by Fate (April 5~April 11): Clear Jake Chapter 2 as fast as you can!
  • 4-player event Alpha Team (April 12~April 15): Create a team of four (using and acquire as many Mercenaries medals as possible!
  • Requiem for War Dominator (April 19~April 22): Aim for the highest Mercenaries score on “Requiem for War” map
  • Proud Survivor (April 23~24): Aim for the highest number of wins in Survivors!
  • Agents, Abductors, Chainsaws (April 26~May 7): EX3 Costume Event! Defeat Ustanak and/or Ubistvo within the date range. More details coming soon
  • Check out the trailer below:

    Will you be participating in any of April’s events?