Rescuties! VR Needs Your Support on Kickstarter

Rescuties! VR Needs Your Support on Kickstarter

Developer Charles Deck (Bouncy Babies) has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Rescuties! VR for HTC Vibe and Oculus Rift.

In Rescuties! VR you’re placed in a variety of emergency situations where you rescue cute babies and animals – everything from catching babies being tossed from a burning building to rescuing pets from the Titanic. There is also a nursery level where you have to keep six napping newborns happy by giving them kisses and a teddy bear (which might strike a cord with any parent).<

The developer created the game to draw on the unique use of depth perspective that catching and tossing virtual objects requires, and coined the term “closet-scale VR” to reflect how “room scale VR” is often a bit more constrained when actually playing in a real living room.

Rescuties! VR Needs Your Support on Kickstarter

Rescuties! VR Features:

  • 10 scenarios, each crazier than then next!  From busy city streets, to thousands of feet above the Grand Canyon, to a cruise ship taking on water!
  • Propel parachutes to panicked passengers!  Loft life preservers to sinking swimmers!  Comfort napping newborns!
  • Stand suspended between helicopters!  On the back of a Cessna!  Chasing a school bus!  Scrambling around someone’s back yard!
  • Rescue babies! Puppies! Koalas!  Baby chicks!  Baby babies!  Giant babies!
  • Hunt for all sorts of hidden easter eggs, from the Magic Mushroom to the Cutie Combiner!
  • …it’s a VR arcade game about helping people and animals out in crazy scenarios!

Take a look at the Rescuties! VR Kickstarter trailer:

You can help support Rescuties! VR on Kickstarter right now with 6 more days to go.