Report: Xbox One Not Just For Gamers

Many of us remember when game consoles had a very specific (and limited) audience of kids and young adults who used the games to escape into worlds of sports, fantasy, sci-fi and Mario Bros. Today, gaming consoles have evolved into full-on entertainment systems with Microsoft’s original Xbox being one of the most impactful. More than a decade after its first generation model, Microsoft’s Xbox One has taken things to an even higher level making the console a must have, even for the non-gamers.

Report Xbox One Not Just For Gamers

Get Your Move On!

The 5-star rated Xbox Fitness has revolutionized at-home workouts. With tools like muscle mapping to measure which muscles are being engaged and the energy meter to monitor your energy utilization, you can get the most out of every workout and stay motivated the whole time. And the adaption of new technology has allowed for a completely hands free heart monitor which estimates your heart rate based on micro fluctuations in your skin.

Microsoft has also enlisted the support of world class trainers that will appeal to you no matter what difficulty level you are looking for. Experts like Jillian Michaels and Tony Horton have a variety of workouts for you to use, and for an extreme challenge Shaun T has perfected the Insanity routine.

Get Your Groove On

Xbox Music pass is your ticket into the world of sound. With access to millions of songs you can turn your TV into a custom music machine for everything from blow out parties to background ambiance. And by taking advantage of the Xbox Music Pass you can get ad-free music streaming across any of your devices wherever you go. You can set up your own radio stations and playlists and with the ability to listen offline, you will never be without your music.

Get Your Game On

Everyone knows Xbox is the ultimate source when looking to play football against your friends, the long line of Madden games has proven that. Earlier this month, an update to the NFL app for Xbox One enabled Sunday Ticket access. For football fanatics, this is a huge enhancement. Users can still create and manage fantasy football teams and leagues even while playing a game or watching a movie, as the teams are displayed on the screen. And with real time updates, you can be sure that you will always have the upper hand against your competition.

Get Your…Everything On

Xbox has truly made a console for everyone. Additional apps available on Xbox One include:

• Netflix: Watch what you want, when you want

• ESPN: Personalized sports updates

• GoPro: Experience the world first hand

• Internet Explorer: Browse the web like a champ

• Skype: Video chat from the comfort of your couch

• TED: Get inspired anytime

So whether you’re a hard core gamer, a mom looking for entertainment on a budget, or a college student looking to stay connected with friends and family, Xbox is the perfect addition to any entertainment system. Oh, and don’t forget the amazing fact that nearly everything on the Xbox can be accessed through voice activation! Life is good!

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