REPORT: Trick Out Your Car Like Those in Need For Speed

REPORT: Trick Out Your Car Like Those in Need For Speed

You might drive a real burner in the game, but your own car probably doesn’t live up to that Lamborghini you’ve used to escape the cops in Need for Speed. While a real Lambo costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, and high performance upgrades to your own car can set you back thousands, there’s no reason that you can’t look the part on a budget with some well-placed accessories.


Some high performance rims don’t only look great on your car, but also improve its handling. The Lambo sure looks sweet with 24” rims, and your car will also. Get name brand rims like Vossen, Work, or BBS, all premier rim manufacturers. With rims, you can give your car a luxurious look or a sporty one. If you’re a little eccentric, maybe spinner rims are right for you. Large rims require larger tires, which gives your ride a more dramatic look.

When shopping for rims, make sure your car can handle the size you buy, some cars can’t have rims larger than 19” and some even smaller than that.


The Subaru BRZ is a great rally car, but without the best tires it won’t handle like an elite vehicle. The same is true of your car. High performance tires don’t only make your car more prepared for a variety of weather and road conditions, they also enhance the look of your vehicle. Upgrade your ride with Nitto Specialty Ultra High Performance tires to make your car look ready for a race, in both form and function.


There are plenty of different kinds of spoilers out there, you just have to pick one that matches your car; one that compliments it, but doesn’t steal the show or draw the eye completely.

Lip Spoiler: The lip spoiler is a small wing, more of an accent than larger spoilers. Lip spoilers are typically aesthetic accessories and make a car look more sporty. You may have seen them in “Need for Speed” on the Honda S2000.

Wing Spoiler: Wing spoilers are commonly used on race cars. Held up on a large pedestal, it’s striking and typically more functional, as it decreases the chances of lift at high speeds.

Pedestal Spoiler: This is a medium size spoiler, somewhere between the lip and wing spoiler. Functionally, it provides stability. It mounts on the trunk and provides a racer look without the fanfare of the wing spoiler.

Body Kit

The Toyota Supra is a legendary street racer. But without a body kit it doesn’t have the same intimidating presence. Your car might not be a Toyota Supra, but a body kit can still have the same effect. Like spoilers, body kits typically make a car look more sporty, however, some can give your car a lowered, leisurely style.

While body kits typically come with instructions for installation, they can sometimes be difficult to install if you aren’t car savvy. Professional installation isn’t cheap, but if you’ve spent a lot of money on a body kit, don’t ruin it by trying to save a little extra. If you aren’t confident in your own abilities, seek professional help.

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