Report: Oculus Rift Consumer Version Release Update

News circulating in the past couple of days suggests that the Oculus Rift may not be hitting shelves by the end of the year. Facebook CFO Dave Wehner said recently that it is too early to be talking about shipment volumes for the Oculus in 2015, stressing that the product was very much in the development stage.

Meanwhile, earlier in the year, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey spoke on how he made his end-of-year-release prediction before numerous changes had to be made to the blueprint. He was, however, quick to stress that everything was going great with the product.

Report: Oculus Rift Consumer Version Release Update

The likelihood is that we will not see Oculus Rift on shelves this year. It is annoying but you would much rather the time was taken to make it brilliant instead of rushed out to make profit. With what the Rift if offering, rushing it would be criminal.

With videos recently being uploaded by gamers using the Developer Kit 2 headsets to play Grand Theft Auto V in virtual reality causing a storm on the internet these past couple of weeks, interest has once again risen. Last year’s South Park episode about the Oculus Rift was also a magnificent bit of publicity for the company, spreading their message to a worldwide audience.

Can you imagine stepping inside a game? It just sounds unreal. Especially with games like GTA and Call of Duty.

It is not just video games that are going to feel the benefit of the Oculus Rift. With a market value of $41 billion, the online gaming world has plenty of clients – many of whom may be enticed to play with a headset. At most online casinos there are now real-life dealers on tables, allowing you to play live roulette, blackjack and others. You could actually be at the casino without even going. Or the potential to develop poker sites into actual Oculus Rift compatible poker rooms that would take things to another level. If the Oculus Rift is successful upon its release, it really will not be too long before it finds its way into the hands of online gaming companies.

The product will absolutely revolutionize the gaming world. With the head mount’s immersive stereoscopic 3D rendering, massive field of view, and ultra-low head latency tracking, it promises to be incredible. To show just how massive the field of view is, on most head mounts you get a field of view of 40°. With the Oculus Rift you get a diagonal field of view of 110°, making you actually feel like you are inside of the game and nearing full immersion.

Latency tracking has been a problem in the past for these kind of headsets. When a person turns one way, the screen is usually slightly sluggish to respond. With the Oculus Rift, however, the screen is that responsive it follows your eyes.

A lot of big names in the gaming community are raving about this product. It is hugely exciting. And when it does come, it will deliver.

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