Report: Making Fifa 16 the Best Yet!

FIFA is without question the largest sports game produced for consoles. Unlike Madden, which has stellar sales in the US but limited popularity worldwide, FIFA is very much the worldwide sports game of choice, much like soccer as a whole.

Year-on-year, we wait in disbelief, often questioning EA Sports’ ability to produce a game better than the current instalment. Every year our scepticism is proven to be ill-founded. The current game is basking in universal acclaim and popularity, so how will EA improve the gaming experience with FIFA 16?

Bring back scenarios

Scenarios make for a unique experience, as well as serving as good filler when the main body of the game is starting to take its toll on you. Including scenarios would take EA no time whatsoever, while they will add so much.

Could you imagine recreating Bradford’s cup run in 2013, where the English League Two side upset the League Cup betting odds to make it to the final, only to be stopped by Swansea in the final? Or having 45 minutes to turn around the 2005 Champions League final – the one where Steven Gerrard inspired a Liverpool comeback of gargantuan proportion?

Thinking over potential scenarios to play on FIFA does leave you salivating. Including them would freshen up the game, whilst also expanding its playable content without having to do much work at all.
More stadiums

One of the most impressive things about the current FIFA is that every stadium used in the Premier League is used in the game. This came as great news for disgruntled Stoke fans, who had grown frustrated with playing at alien home grounds.

Report: Making Fifa 16 the Best Yet!


But why stop there? In the English game, clubs outside the Premier League are of great magnitude. Leeds United, Nottingham Forest, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Cardiff City, and Birmingham City are all big clubs – there are many more in the Championship – and making home grounds for them would both appease a large amount of fans, as well as adding another intricate layer of realism to the game.

FIFA Ultimate Team

The biggest success story of the game has been FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), an online mode in which you put your created team against that of others. The mode has proven to be that popular that EA have taken it across to Madden to try and get it going.

In regards to FUT, not much should be done. EA made a mess of their latest hockey game. They changed it up too much and as a result got savaged by gamers. Hopefully they would have learned their lesson from that and will tread with caution with FUT. If they mess that up then the backlash would be enormous.

Nothing should be changed, however, the inclusion of pink slip matches would be hugely popular with those who play. There have been calls for this type of match for the past two years but EA have held out. Hopefully they will change their stance this time around.

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