REPORT: The Best PC Single-Player Games to Enjoy in 2016

REPORT: The Best PC Single-Player Games to Enjoy in 2016

Although the likes of Overwatch and Tom Clancy’s The Division have created lots of headlines with their multiplayer mayhem, for the single-players there’s also no shortage of gaming chaos to enjoy.

From bloodthirsty shoot-em-ups to some classy European roulette titles, there’s a great range of solitary fun to be had, so here’s a look at the best single-players to enjoy on your PC in 2016.

Despite many critics having their misgivings, the update of Doom has revealed itself to be one of the most frenetic and fun-packed shoot-em-ups in years. With some seriously high-powered weaponry and some equally horrendous demons to dispatch, it may not be as clever as some of the more strategic online casino titles out there, but it’s one of the best ways that you can unleash some mayhem courtesy of your PC.

Not to be outdone was Hitman that provided an equally murderous selection of tasks, but with a greater emphasis on stealth and ingenuity rather than just slaying a mass of alien bodies. The great thing about Hitman was the way that it made full use of the online gaming revolution to episodically release updates with different missions that kept gamers coming back and proved that you didn’t need to play against people to lose some serious hours gaming!

Of course there comes a time where we may want to relax our trigger finger and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst provides a way to take on enemies without relying on guns thanks to Faith’s running exploits that really tested the limits of the open-world format of this innovative platform gamer. And even if Faith’s constant running is wearing you out, then you can take it easy by practicing European roulette here at CasinosGuide770 which features a range of involving casino games that test your strategic skills in a way that few modern games could hope to emulate.

Or even if you want to get away from it all then American Truck Simulator can take you all around the US as you handle a range of difficult tasks and terrains from the comfort of your articulated lorry. This game really succeeded because much like Betway feature authentic recreations of the casino environment, American Truck Simulator reveled in its stunning depictions of the varied US terrain.

And finally, if you really fancy being alone in the wilderness, then Firewatch could be the game for you as this has proven to be one of 2016’s surprise PC hits thanks the way that it made evocative use of the American landscape as a setting for the mysterious events that you uncover through your one and only contact on the walkie-talkie.