REPORT: 7 Last Generation Playstation Games that Should be Remastered

REPORT: 7 Last Generation Playstation Games that should be Remastered

Games come and go – some get updated every year, whilst others are left behind. Looking at some of the latest console updates from Royal Vegas Casino it seems that both Sony and Microsoft are ploughing ahead into the future rather than looking back on old consoles and games.

Whilst we won’t remember the names of some of them, there are others that we truly miss. Here’s our list of the top 7 last generation Playstation games that should be remastered.

#7 – Army of Two
Army of Two introduces a two-player game of teamwork and skill. Play with a friend, or play with a computer teammate to complete missions and kill your enemies. The game’s most recent addition has sparked a lot of disappointment, which begs the question of why the first one is not being remade for the new generation.

#6 – Red Dead Redemption
This game is like GTA in the wild west. You work your way through various missions, all the while riding horses, shooting bandits, gambling and getting drunk: what’s not to like. There’s been recent rumours of a sequel, but still very little concrete evidence.

While all our hopes and prayers go out for a direct sequel to this instant classic, if there isn’t going to be one then maybe a re-master and expansion could be on the cards?

#5 – Poker Night 2
The best thing about this game is the characters. There are personalities from various famous TV show that deliver excellent humour, stories and random dialogues. This game is a great way to build up some skills at Texas Hold ‘em and Omaha Hold ‘Em, as you play against some unlikely characters in a suspenseful bid to win some online earnings. You start with a £20 000 buy in and play until you win, get knocked out, or run out of cash. This is a casual poker play, where the emphasis is on the experience rather than the winnings. There is much to discover in this game; read an in-depth review of Poker Night 2 here.

#4 – Spyro
Spyro is a wonderfully nostalgic platform game, with a purple dragon leading the force of the many levels. There are many varieties of missions and levels that will keep you constantly on your toes. There are races against time, or missions that entail collecting a certain amount of items, all of which are a great way to have some light hearted fun at home. There have been new developments of this game but the older ones are the ones that should be remastered as they are truly spectacular.

#3 – LA Noire
This game centres around being a good detective, as you are put in charge of unveiling the truth behind various crimes. There are clues that you must trace, and each clue has the possibility of leading you to the next clue. This game is simply terrific, as it puts you in the shoes of the interrogator and allows you to experience an adventure that gradually unravels. It is not just a game, but also tells a story, as the detective tries to figure out who the offender is. Although this game was highly innovative for its time, it could definitely do with some reworking on the graphics, and a fresh look for this game would make it an ultimate buy.

#2 – Tony Hawk’s Underground
The older games in the Tony Hawk series are famous for their wild tricks and challenging missions, as they generate an enthusiastic buzz, whether you’re a skate fan or not. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the recent entries, as they fail to deliver the excitement and stimulation that we get when playing Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 for example. The new games fail to reignite the childhood nostalgia that many of us seek when playing the old Tony Hawk games, as the missions, activities and crazy stunts made it one of the best games of all time.

REPORT: 7 Last Generation Playstation Games that Should be Remastered

#1 – Crash Bandicoot
Everyone has at some point had the fortune of experiencing the Crash Bandicoot series. These games have everything you need, from racing, to fighting, to flying and much much more. It’s astonishing that a game as popular as this has not already be remastered. The favorites to be remastered are the first three games in the series (after all they are the ones we all remember and still love), as well as Crash Team Racing.

It would be a dream come true for the game fans out there, if they could play Crash Bandicoot one more time.