Report: 3 Gaming Trends that will Flourish in 2015

With the continuous development in technology, the gaming industry is also adopting these devices to offer enjoyable, lag-free, and high definition experience to gamers worldwide. Gartner predicted in 2013 that video game sales is expected to reach $22 billion this year with an overall market value of $111 billion. Now that 2015 has finally started, we can’t wait for the next updates on the gaming industry. But, some experts are certain on some trends that will flourish this year.

Report: 3 Gaming Trends that will Flourish in 2015

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Here are three of their top bets:

Mobile and 4G games will prevail
As smartphone and tablet ownership continue to grow drastically, we should expect an increase in the number of mobile games (mGames) this year. Various studies have been released recently showing that mGames will surpass the console’s’ sales in 2015, predicting a $30.3 billion overall sales by the end of this year. In fact, Apple, who is known for their compelling list of applications and devices, is said to produce double the revenue of Nintendo.

But, particular mobile games will excel this year such as the 4G multiplayer titles, where gamers will be able to enjoy their favorite online mobile games right at their deviceswherever they go through data connection. Some of these games, according to O2’s list, are from Gameloft such as Asphalt 8 and Modern Combat 4. But, other mobile titles with HD graphics and great gameplay that are not internet-reliant will still retain its spot such as most EA Games products like Minion Rush.

Wearables will be a big hit
As more wearables in the form of smartwatches are set to be launched this year, we cannot help but wonder what these devices can offer to the growing number of mobile gamers. Today’s Android wears are able to run games right at the watch but, most of it are basic games that we once enjoyed on old Nokia and LG cell phones such as Tetris and Reversi. Soon, it will not be impossible to see more standalone smartwatches that can perform similar to the smartphones today, with bigger memory, 64-bit chipset, better screen display, and powerful graphic chip.

Aside from smart wristwatches, modern headpieces such as the Google Glass, Samsung Gear VR, Sony Project Morpheus, and most especially the Oculus Rift are said to revolutionize the gaming industry in 2015. These smart headsets allow the user to experience virtual reality (VR) when playing games such as Elite: Dangerous, a spaceship pilot simulator that engages in combat. Apart from VR, augmented reality is another technology that these devices are able to offer (especially the Google Glass), wherein the device projects animated objects responding to real-world environment.

Business gamification is in the spotlight
The gaming industry will no longer be only for developers, but also for businesses aiming to advertise their newest products and/or services. The process of gamification uses the mechanics and processes of playing games in a non-game situation to encourage engagement, increase repeat customers, and enhance brand reputation. As you may have noticed, big brands such as Coca-Cola have invested in this strategy as early as 2012 to enhance their brand awareness and reach. The process of gamification can either be added to the company’s official websites or their own mobile applications.

Some of the top companies and organizations that use the concept of gamified business are the US Army’s America’s Army for recruitment, Samsung Nation for customer engagements, Proof to encourage goal tracking, and ChoreWars to motivate employees and create a healthy competition at work.

Although we weren’t as advanced as how Marty McFly of Back to the Future has seen it (with hooverboard and flying cars), we are indeed moving into the direction where we are applying holographic technologies in presentations, robotic assistance, and wearable glasses and smart TVs that can make and receive calls. The gaming industry will also have to adapt to the fast paced world we have today by producing high quality titles that can run on portable devices. What revolutionary trend/s do you expect to see in the industry this year?

By Jen Birch. Exclusively for Gaming Cypher.