RENOIR Story-Driven 2D Puzzle Platformer Now Available on PC

RENOIR Story-Driven 2D Puzzle Platformer Now Available on PC

Publisher 1C and developer Black Wing Foundation have announced that noir puzzle adventure of Renoir has hit Steam and other digital stores today! Join the late Detective James Renoir on his way to solving the case of his life. Lead him through the environmental puzzles ahead, driven by the urge to find the guy that sent him six feet down under. Because in this atmospheric murder mystery, death is just the beginning…

Renoir Key Features:

  • Black and white detective story powered by Unreal Engine 4
  • Puzzle platforming action, inspired by Hollywood noir movies
  • Control phantoms and use them to solve environmental puzzles
  • A murder mystery, narrated through atmospheric comicbook-style movies

Here are the new Renoir Screenshots:

And, here is the Renoir Announcement Trailer:

A contest for Renoir Steam keys and many other games from 1C accompanies the release of Renoir. Write a short detective story, post it on the Facebook page and win!

Renoir is now available for $16.99 (15% discount) for PC on Steam.

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