RENOIR is Noir Story Driven Puzzle Platformer Now on Kickstarter

RENOIR is Noir Story Driven Puzzle Platformer Now on Kickstarter

ZLIN, Czech Republic – June 30, 2015 – Developer Soulbound Games, an independent game studio from the Czech Republic, today launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for their story-driven platformer RENOIR, a video game heavily inspired by film noir seeking $61,279 (£39,000).

Since the official announcement of the project in February, which included a teaser video conveying the game’s atmosphere and story background, the developers have worked hard to ready sneak-peeks of the actual gameplay and its basic mechanics.

Within the campaign presentation itself, the developers have revealed further glimpses into the life and backstory of the main protagonist, private detective James Renoir, who is killed by an unknown assailant at the opening of the game. Renoir’s death, and his awakening to the fact, lies at the core of both the story’s unfolding and of the gameplay itself. The player must negotiate a panoply of environmental puzzles at a slow and adventure-like pace while unraveling the mystery behind the character’s own murder.


  • 2D puzzle-platformer
  • atmospheric noir stylisation
  • original puzzles
  • special story sequences
  • Unreal Engine 4

Here are some screenshots:

Take a look at the official Renoir teaser trailer:

About Soulbound Games:
Founded in 2013, Soulbound is a young, independent game studio from the Czech Republic dedicated to delivering unforgettable experiences to the player. With a primary background in commissioned projects for mobile platforms, the studio has recently reoriented itself to PC and Unreal Engine 4, which it is using to develop its first major title — RENOIR.

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