Relic Hunters Zero Open-Source Shooter Launches on Steam Today

Relic Hunters Zero Open-Source Shooter Launches on Steam Today

After hugely successful Beta, Open-Source shooter Relic Hunters Zero launches for FREE on Steam TODAY

Curitiba, Brazil August 18th, 2015 Rogue Snail’s Relic Hunters Zero, an open-source shooter, launches on Steam for free today.

An open Beta for RHZ, released for the public in July 29th, gathered a community of over 1.500 in the forums over a single day — since then, more than 3.000 players, modders, creators and students have assembled around the game! “We expected that working closely with the community would help the game grow, but the results were delightfully surprising” says Mark Venturelli, Relic Hunters Zero’s designer. “I’ll illustrate with a story: I was in transit to another State here in Brazil and received a bug report and thought to myself ‘Ok, I’ll fix this as soon as I get there’. When I got out of the plane, someone from the community had already fixed it! It’s hard to even imagine developing another game without this open collaborative process.’”
Relic Hunters Zero is a tactical shooter about fighting evil space ducks and turtles. You’ll also have to explore the world for buried relics, as the name of the game implies. It’s fast, it feels smooth to play, and you can co-op with your friends. Unlock new weapons and characters in order to defeat the Ducan Commander!

Key Features:

  • “Updated Forever” – open development lets anyone contribute to the game’s future
  • Six unique playable characters;
  • Play with mouse and keyboard + Full Xbox360 gamepad support;
  • Local co-op, so bring your friends;
  • Amazing lo-fi soundtrack by Goto80;
  • 12 fixed levels with randomly-generated enemy squads and item placements;
  • A challenging Final Boss Fight, because videogames;
  • Your mentor is a talking space donkey called “Ass”;
  • Also: digging!

Here is the launch trailer:

The team behind Relic Hunters Zero

Game designer Mark Venturelli (Dungeonland, Chroma Squad) and artist Betu Souza (Knights of Pen and Paper, also Chroma Squad) are the dynamic duo behind this game, operating under the “Rogue Snail” brand.

They’ve been making it in their spare time for the last year as a pure labor of love. The game also features the soundtrack of Swedish composer Goto80 and the sound design from Raphael Müller (who also did sound and music for Dungeonland and Chroma Squad).

You can download Relic Hunters Zero for free today on Steam.

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