Relic Hunters Zero New Features and Trailer

Relic Hunters Zero New Features and Trailer

Endless Mode for Relic Hunters Zero now available! With over 400K players, free shooter adds huge new features!

Update 7 arrives with new weapons, challenges, major features and finally, the Endless Mode! This update will last FOREVER!

Curitiba, Brazil – October 3, 2015 – Update 7: Endless Mode is now available for FREE for all players, forever! Relic Hunters Zero developer Mark Venturelli (Rogue Snail) has been working on Endless Mode since before the main release. The new feature is a specially challenging way to play created for the more enduring and daring hunters. It allows players to hunt for relics and shoot space ducks forever! Level after level enemies and challenges continue to spawn procedurally so the hunting never stops.

The new stackable challenges and weapon upgrade system add incremental difficulty to the loop. It’s almost as if there was a whole new game inside of RHZ!

New Features:

  • Endless Mode available by beating Adventure Mode or purchasing access from Gunnar at the Spaceheart
  • Challenges add different gameplay modifiers every time you play
  • Dig Treasure Chests with new unique rewards
  • New shop with all-new features
  • New weapon upgrade system — talk to Gunnar to upgrade your guns up to +9
  • Challenge hacking system — talk to Sae to remove unwanted Challenges
  • Endless Co-op — play with a friend, purchase revivals at the Shop
  • Lots of new guns
  • 7 new Relics
  • New enemies: the Ducan Elite
  • New gameplay system: Overshield
  • New abilities, such as Pinkyy’s Super Shield
  • Gameplay and difficulty rebalance

Relic Hunters Zero New Features and Trailer

Relic Hunters Zero still is and will continue to be completely free, no ads, no micro-transactions or any kind of monetization shenanigans whatsoever.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, Relic Hunters Zero is a fast paced shooter about fighting evil space ducks and turtles. While you explore the world in search for buried relics you will be shooting loads of enemies in their space faces! It plays fast, feels really smooth, and even has a co-op mode, to play with your friends, like locally, on a couch, as if it’s the 90’s again! Keep digging and unlock new weapons and characters in order to defeat the Ducan Commander! Enjoy the glories of infinitely spawning space ducks and keep smashing their alien faces forever!


Here is the new Endless Mode trailer:

The team behind Relic Hunters Zero
Game designer Mark Venturelli (Dungeonland, Chroma Squad) and artist Betu Souza (Knights of Pen and Paper, also Chroma Squad) are the dynamic duo behind this game, operating under the Rogue Snail brand.

They’ve been making it in their spare time for the last year as a pure labor of love. The game also features the soundtrack of Swedish composer Goto80 and the sound design from Raphael Müller (who also did sound and music for Dungeonland and Chroma Squad).

You can download Relic Hunters Zero for PC on Steam.

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