Red Goddess Facial Expressions Dev Video

Developer Yanim Studio has released a new trailer for the short film of its 2.5D platformer adventure Red Goddess.

Red Goddess Facial Expressions Dev Video

The new video features facial expressions such as typical examples of morph targets used in facial animation: a closed eye, smiling mouth and a raised eyebrow, that face might have a dozen or more morph targets: one for a smile, one for an open mouth, one for closed eyes, one for bared teeth, one for a frown,etc.

The animators use a basic range of phoneme shapes governing how the mouth moves when making certain sounds, they can make a specific morph target for each phoneme, then string the morphs together with the appropriate timing and audio tracks to create natural-looking mouth movements for speech.
This can be extremely time-consuming when working with complex models that require dozens of variations combined to create natural movement, that is designed specifically for creating facial animation/dialogue (lip-sync) and the facial performances that let 3D animated Divine character becomes convincing.

Red Goddess is being developed with the new Unreal Engine 4 by a six people team and soundtrack  by Sonotriggerset. It is scheduled to release on Linux, Mac, PC, PS4 in April and then on Wii U.

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Source: Yannick-Yanim