Reassembly Gets New Patch

Space ship building and combat game, Reassembly by developer Anisoptera Games, has received a new update.

Reassembly Gets New Patch

Take a look at the January 2 update notes below, which feature a quick bugfix release specially targeting new-game crashes:

* Fix crash when generating world on non-english windows systems. Special thanks to forum member Krypt for helping me out with this.
* Improve stuttery framerate in spikey plant regions by reducing excessive targeting queries
* Re-add factory block to faction 15 (grey/green).
* Enable compressed file transfers on windows (faster wormholes)
* Fix bug where non-default faction colors were not reset after changing save slots
* Fix crash when traversing wormhole with followers
* Fix world generation crash when agent has no ships
* improve crash handling diagnostics on windows and linux
* Use better PRNG

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Source: Steam