Rayman Legends Next Gen Dated, Secrets Revealed

Ubisoft just announced that Rayman Legends will release for Xbox One and PS4 on February 18th.

Rayman Legends - PS4, Xbox One

In addition, the UbiBlog revealed fresh secrets about the next gen version of Rayman Legends.

Specifically, the Heroes Gallery will contain new characters to unlock.


Rayman Legends Globox Vaas


On Xbox One, there are two characters directly inspired by Far Cry 3’s famous villain: Vaas! Ray Vass and Far Glob are two bizarre heroes dressed as this famous psychotic pirate. Also on Xbox One, players will have the opportunity to play Splinter Ray, a Sam Fisher-inspired hero


On PS4, you’ll get to play Assassin Ray, a hero inspired by Edward Kenway from Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag.




In addition, players will be able to buy the outrageous playable hero, Funky Ray by using their Uplay points.

Finally, players have the possibility to be awarded an exclusive VIP hero called Champion Ray (along with VIP status visible on the leaderboards). Champion Ray can be unlocked by the most active and highest-ranked players in the Online Challenges, as well as through active participation and involvement in the Rayman Legends community.


Rayman Legends

The Xbox One will have time limited achievements.

Players will have to complete 10 exclusive challenges in a limited amount of time (one week), which are in addition to the existing achievements on Xbox 360. The challenges are associated with various aspects of the game, such as player skills, co-op play, Kung Foot, etc.

The PS4 version of Rayman Legends will incorporate the PS4 Touchpad Camera Mode.  

The player will freeze the game and enter Camera Mode by pressing the touchpad once. Then, by moving the fingers on the touchpad players can zoom in and out and also pan to adjust the frame. Once happy with the picture, the player just has to press the Share button on the PS4 controller to share this picture with everyone.

In addition, touchpad of the PS4 controller can be used to allow the player to scratch lucky tickets in the game. Players will use their fingers to scratch these tickets that feels very natural, just like scratching an actual lottery ticket. You will even be able to hear the scratching sound coming out of the PS4 controller.

Rayman Legends - PS4


On PS4, players will also have the possibility to play the full game in Remote Play on a PS Vita connected to their PS4. So even if someone wants to watch TV, the player will be able to continue playing the game on their PS Vita.

You can read up more details on Rayman Legends on the official UbiBlog.

What did you think? Are you looking forward to playing?