Rain – New PS3 Developer Diary Video


Sony Computer Entertainment has released a new developer diary video for Rain, where being lost is both scary and inviting.

Rain’s Director, Yuuki Ikeda, explains how the boy loses both his way as well as his own form. The very cool part about this game, is that whenever the boy is in the rain, his shape appears, and then disappears once he is out of the rain.

In addition, the game’s Art Director, Seiichi Terashima, talks about what inspired him to design the game the way that he did. He concentrated on back alleys, in order for the player to get “pulled in.”

The game’s Designer, Tomukazi Oki, talks about designing the game in a way that will make the player feel as though someone was just there – a feeling of familiarity.

You can check out the video below:

In case you missed it, check out the game’s Two Silhouettes Trailer.

Rain comes out in Autumn for PS3.

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