R2Games CLICKER HEROES Celebrates Christmas in Style with Hipster Whale and Crossy Road

R2Games CLICKER HEROES Celebrates Christmas in Style with Hipster Whale and Crossy Road
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SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Global games publisher R2Games has recently announced an exclusive partnership with Hipster Whale, creators of Crossy Road, for unique winter holiday cross-over events.

To celebrate the seasonal festivities, Clicker Heroes is receiving a winter holiday themed graphical update, with new scenery, characters, backgrounds, and more! Alongside the visual update, various characters from Crossy Road, such as Crossy Chicken and Hipster Whale himself will make guest appearances in Clicker Heroes as epic bosses! The Google Play version will also feature a new exclusive boss: Santa Droid!

“Thanks to R2, we were able to work with Hipster Whale to create the crossover of the century! It was great fun turning the Crossy Road characters into Clicker Heroes bosses, and then tap them into roadkill” – Le Nguyen, co-founder of Playsaurus.

Crossy Road will also play host to some special playable guests from Clicker Heroes including the Grablin and a secret unlockable character. Hipster Whale have crafted a new spooky world and a fun mini-game inspired by the strange world of Clicker Heroes.

Clicker Heroes has been my go to coffee break game for the last few months and I’m almost at my 25th ascension! I’m excited to take my Clicker Heroes into battle against the Crossy Road bosses”. – Matt Hall, Co-Founder of Hipster Whale.

“We have always been big fans of Hipster Whale and Crossy Road so this crossover was a very exciting and fun project for us all to collaborate on,” said David P. Chiu, Vice President of R2Games USA.

In addition, players looking for a boost will be thrilled to know that Clicker Heroes is also hosting an exclusive winter sale, offering up to 70% off on select in-app purchases. And, for those wanting to experience even more Clicker Heroes content, iconic creatures from the game will be playable in Crossy Road on unique themed levels!

You can download Clicker Heroes on the App Store and Google Play. In addition, you can download Crossy Road for iOS and Android.