Puzzle Board Hero Defense GIGACHESS Available Now on Steam

Puzzle Board Hero Defense GIGACHESS Available Now on Steam

Developer Gigatross Games, a Canadian indie game studio active since 2010, has announced that its new puzzle board hero defense title, Gigachess, is now available on Steam.

In Gigachess, with your custom-built party of Knights, Rooks and Bishops, you will defend against the relentless waves of enemy Pawns running a blitz for the board’s bottom. The seemingly unbreakable formations and constant downward march of your foe transform chess from slow burn to tactical rush in this highly addictive single-player take on the grandmaster of turn-based strategy.

Gigachess Features (v0.83):

  • Endless mode with randomly-generated waves and a choice of 4 difficulty levels for a perpetual Pawn menace
  • Puzzle Attack mode offering 40+ high-stakes, logic-testing stages to clear
  • Playable Tutorials & Tooltips for a crash course in the mechanical intricacies and insight on demand
  • Strategic Power-ups that block advancing Pawns, plant explosive traps & more!
  • STEAM VERSION – Competitive Leaderboards to rank your best played games against the world
  • STEAM VERSION – Achievements & Trading Cards for the complete Steam experience

Take a look at the Gigachess Steam launch trailer:

You can download Gigachess for $2.99 (25% discount) on Steam for PC. You can also try out the demo by visiting here.

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