Puzzle and Exploration FANTASIAM Announced

Puzzle and Exploration FANTASIAM Announced

Developer Belmin Kozlić from Bosnia and Herzegovina with collaboration of UK studio White Noise Wave has announced puzzle and exploration title, Fantasiam.

Fantasiam is a first person game with heavy involvement of puzzles and exploration. The developer has plans to expand it into a huge open world with a few elements of RPG featuring an inventory system in which all items collected through exploration will help you to solve puzzles and discover more things about the background story.

In addition, Fantasiam will have multi-choice quests that will affect the final act of the game. The story will have a connection with Slavic mythology, which is still an unexplored area when it comes to games. Currently, Kozlić has future plans to assign a small group of people to help him with the game creation.

Fantasiam is still in an early phase so you can expect more details to come along.

Here are the new screenshots:

And, here is the official trailer:

The developer is expecting the first playable version of Fantasiam (alpha/beta) to be out at the end of this year (November/December). The main platform is PC, but with future funding, there is a possibility for PS4 and Xbox One versions after the PC release.

Source: Press Release