Puzzle-Adventure WARP SHIFT to be Released on App Store May 26

The puzzle game Warp Shift by the Hamburg-based publisher Deep Silver FISHLABS and Swedish developer ISBIT Games will launch on the App Store for USD 2.99 / GBP 2.29 / EUR 2.99 on May 26, 2016. The app takes its players on an overwhelming journey beyond space and time. Its beautiful visuals and atmospheric soundscape cater for a relaxing, almost meditative gaming experience.

Puzzle-Adventure WARP SHIFT to be Released on App Store May 26

In the game, the players guide the little girl Pi through a futuristic parallel universe. By rearranging the cubic elements of the labyrinth-like chamber that keeps Pi trapped, the players have to path the way from one portal to another – ushering Pi home one shift at a time. But the further the little girl proceeds, the more challenging the puzzles become: Among others, Pi has to open doors, find shortcuts, overcome obstacles and use teleporters.

Take a look at the official Warp Shift trailer:

On May 26, Warp Shift will be available for download on the App Store as a premium title for USD 2.99 / GBP 2.29 / EUR 2.99. An Android porting will follow shortly after. For more information on the app, you are welcome to visit its official website via http://www.warpshift.com.

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