PURE CHESS Lets You Play Chess Against International Master Daniel Rensch Today Jan. 9

PURE CHESS Lets You Play Chess Against International Master Daniel Rensch Today Jan. 9

  • Chess International Master and Chess.com VP Daniel Rensch will play against the collective minds of the Twitch chat today, January 9 at 9am PST / 5pm GMT
  • Twitch viewers can vote on the moves to make against Rensch
  • If the Twitch chat win, everyone in the chat will receive a free Ripstone game

Ripstone Games, the developer and publishing house best known for titles such as Stick it to the Man, Ironcast and Pure Hold’em, is giving Twitch viewers the opportunity to play Pure Chess against an International master as part of a special Twitch event.

Today, January 9 at 9am PST / 5pm GMT, the Ripstone Twitch channel will play host to a crowdsourced game of chess against Daniel Rensch, the American international chess master with a FIDE rating of 2388.

Rensch is not only a well known American chess personality, but also vice president of content at Chess.com. The international master was one of the youngest people in the U.S. to become a National Master at just the age of 14, and he provides numerous in-depth chess analysis videos on Chess.com.

Ripstone and Rensch will be streaming Twitch vs Pure Chess at twitch.tv/ripstonegames. By typing chess moves into the Twitch chat, viewers will be able to vote on the moves that Twitch makes against Rensch.

And if the Twitch chat manages to beat Rensch, everyone taking part in the event will receive a free random Steam game from the Ripstone catalogue.

Here is the 70,000 Twitch players vs. GM Huschenbeth (Game 1) Twitch Plays Chess Trailer:

Pure Chess: Grandmaster Edition is out now on Steam for $12.99 and Xbox One.

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