Punch Club: The Dark Fist Coming to Steam and Mobile this Week

Punch Club: The Dark Fist Coming to Steam and Mobile this Week

Having sold over 250k units across all platforms, Punch Club is a fighting retro-management tycoon. You play as an aspiring fighter, working your way to the top – juggling work, a girlfriend, working out, eating properly… and neglecting your cat.

Developed by Lazy Bear Games in St Petersburg, Russia, and produced by tinyBuild GAMES in Seattle, USA, Punch Club took the internet by storm with Twitch Plays Punch Club – an initiative where Twitch Chat could unlock the game by beating it. The developer genuinely thought it would take at least 8 days to beat it. They did so in 36 hours.

Punch Club recently crossed $2m in gross sales, and The Dark Fist expansion is a way for the developer to thank the fans for being awesome.

Meanwhile the tinyRewards program is a way to enable streamers to reward their viewers with tangible rewards. In this case – game discount codes. Tomorrow tinyBuild will be launching their own Twitch Rewards Program (cleverly named tinyRewards).

  • Twitch chat will be able to place bets on whether the streamer wins or not
  • Winnings can be spent to craft valuable game discount codes in the shop
  • Points work cross-stream, so players continue betting with their points in different streams
  • More details to follow tomorrow

Hardcore mode – your opponents level up alongside you

Cloud Saves – start playing on your PC and continue on mobile

3 Hours of New Content – explore what happens when you take justice into your own hands in a new exciting side-story

Updates the main game – yes, this is a free expansion

Here is the Punch Club: Dark Fist teaser trailer:

Punch Club: The Dark Fist will be launching for PC on Steam tomorrow and for mobile devices this Thursday on Google Play and the App Store.

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