Punch Club by tinyBuild is Coming to Consoles this Friday

Punch Club by tinyBuild is Coming to Consoles this Friday

tinyBuild GAMES has announced that Punch Club is launching on consoles this Friday.

This adds to Steam (PC/Mac/Linux), Android, iOS, and Nintendo 3DS versions of the Boxing Management Sim that originally released last year with Twitch Plays Punch Club.

This is an important milestone for tinyBuild, as it gives you a glimpse into the future of the company. Many people think they are an indie publisher — which is true, but they started out as a development studio, and haven’t stopped being one ever since they made No Time to Explain in 2011.

The studio in The Netherlands has been co-developing SpeedRunners and working on ports such as this one — bringing games to PS4 and Xbox One. Meanwhile tinyBuild in Seattle brought Punch Club to Nintendo 3DS with a complete code rewrite, and is now wrapping up Mr. Shifty for Nintendo Switch.

They are building up towards co-developing games and launching them on multiple platforms at once. When developing for PC only, typically indie devs don’t think about performance optimization, certification requirements, age ratings, and many of the other fun things that come with launching a game on consoles. tinyBuild has been fortunate enough to go through this with No Time to Explain Remastered, and decided to scale up an internal porting studio which now sprawls 2 locations.

Punch Club is now available on the Nintendo 3DS, Steam and for mobile devices on Google Play and the App Store. The game will be released on Xbox One and PS4 this Friday, March 31, 2017.

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