Publisher Ripstone Games Sells 10 Million Units and Hires Mike Rose


Publishing house Ripstone Games, best known for titles like Stick It To The Man!, Knytt Underground, Ironcast, and the Pure series, is about to become a name you hear a whole lot more.

The studio, which has sold more than 10 million games in the last five years, today announced the hire of Mike Rose, formerly the loud shouty one from tinyBuild Games and Gamasutra, to help lead a new publishing push over the coming months.

Celebrating its 5th birthday, Ripstone has found grand success in video game publishing, earning multiple awards and million of sales thanks to the strength of console releases like Stick It To The Man!, Pure Chess, Pure Pool, Pure Hold’em, Ironcast and Big Sky Infinity.

Now the company is looking to boost its publishing presence, and sign a new raft of titles from third-party development teams for 2017 and onwards, bringing Mike onboard to help facilitate this offensive.

“We’ve already had plenty of success publishing third-party titles on console, with millions of units sold over the last five years,” said Ripstone Head of Marketing & PR Michelle Turner. “Now we’re really looking to explode over the next year. Hiring Mike will no doubt help us achieve that, and we’re super excited to hunt for more great titles and developers to bring into the Ripstone family.”

Ripstone’s current projects, including VR

Ripstone currently has numerous titles in progress, including co-development with Ndemic Creations on the PlayStation 4 release of popular mobile and PC strategy game Plague Inc., and developing the long-awaited Xbox One and Steam versions of Pure Chess in-house.

The company also this week released the Windsor DLC for Dreadbit’s steampunk puzzler Ironcast on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with big store promotions on PlayStation. Meanwhile, a secret VR project has been in the works for a while now, with an announcement planned later this summer.

And Ripstone has plans for plenty of other console releases in the coming months, including big plans for the various Pure titles. Ripstone has previously released titles across every major platform, including PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U, Steam, Nintendo 3DS and mobile.