PS4 Q&A: 10 Of Your PlayStation 4 Questions Answered Video


Sony has released its first PS4 Q&A video.

The video answers the following questions:

1. Does PS4 have Party Chat? Answer – YES!
2. Will PS4 support the DualShock 3? No
3. Do I have to pay to play online? – will need to have PS PLUS.
4. What color will PS4 be at launch? – Jet Black.
5. How big is the PS4? – see video
6. Will PS4 games be in 3D? there are plans to support 3D content.
7. How big is the hard drive and can I change it? PS4 will be 500GB, and yes, you will be able to change it.
8. What benefits do I get from the PlayStation camera? – see video.
9. How is th XROSS Media Bar changing? – see video
10.Can I keep my existing PSN ID? Yes

You can view the PS4 Q&A video below:

What are your thoughts and do you have any more questions that were not covered?