PS4 – Game Installs Available to Play in Seconds

PS4 Lead System Architect, Mark Cerny, said that while the PlayStation 4 game installations are mandatory, players could be playing the game in “tens of seconds.”


Cerny explained that the PS4 begins caching a disc as soon as you put it in the console, saving a varying amount of data to the hard drive. When this amount is smallish, as with Knack, you can leap in to playing really quickly – and as you do, the console will continue with the rest of the install, for parts of the game you’re not ready for yet.

For example, Knack’s mandatory install is 37GB, which is noted on the game’s box. When The PS4 won’t auto-delete old install data, a decision Cerny says Sony made consciously. You will have to delete old data manually.

Installs mean games will load faster, reducing wait times, Cerny said, and the console is not designed to stream off discs.

The PS4 releases November 15 in North America, and in Europe and other regions on November 29.

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