PS4 1.7 Update SHAREfactory App Detailed with Video

Recently, we reported on the PS4 1.7 Update that promised to add Share enhancements as well as HDCP Off.

PS4 1.7 Update SHAREfactory App Detailed with Video


The SHAREfactory app is a tool that allows players much greater control over the videos that they capture. It also comes with a suite of special effect options, such as adding text boxes, stickers, transitions and picture-in-picture commentary to their clips. Users will also be able to import their own music to SHAREfactory by using a USB device.

Here is what Sr. Producer on the SHAREfactory team, Stuart Platt, had to say about the SHAREfactory Project video,

“…we thought it would be really cool to show off a project that was edited in our offices that show off a number of features in the application. We are really excited to see what PlayStation fans will create and share once SHAREfactory is released. We hope you like it!”

Take a look at the Sample SHAREfactory Project video below:

What did you think? Are you looking forward to using the SHAREfactory App?

Source: DualSHOCKERS