Primal Carnage Slashes Price In Half

Reverb Triple XP and developer Circle 5 Studios have slashed Primal Carnage prices in half.


Been holding out to get your hands on the best Human vs. Dinosaur, team-based, first-person shooter in video game history? Now it’s time to join the fray! The online shooter Primal Carnage is now available at the everyday price of $7.99 on Steam – nearly 50% off from the previous price of $14.99. The savings don’t stop there – in addition to this massive price cut, every single DLC package for Primal Carnage is now being offered at permanently reduced prices of up to a 50% discount.

Additionally, those who purchase the classic Primal Carnage before the full launch of its upcoming sequel Primal Carnage: Extinction will be eligible for a special limited-time offer for a 50% discount to receive Extinction which is currently playable in Early Access. For more details, please visit the Primal Carnage forums here.

Yes, we’re going to have to remove those tonsils soon…

At its core, Primal Carnage is an online, multiplayer, class-based first-person shooter. Each of the 10 classes of characters (five human, five dinosaur) are well-balanced and offer unique play abilities. With all nine maps offering up distinct aesthetics and accompanying strategies, the devil is in the details giving Primal Carnage players a skilled, technical, and mind-blowingly fun PVP combat experience.  Several different game modes – including the “Get To The Chopper” objective-based mode – ensures that Primal Carnage delivers deep replayability. After all, who could get tired of either hunting with, or hunting down, dinosaurs?

Primal Carnage is available now at SteamPrimal Carnage: Extinction Beta is available for PC on Steam Early Acces and in Q1 2015 for PS4.

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