PREY New Details Released by Arkane Studios & Bethesda

PREY New Details and Gameplay Video Released by Arkane Studios & Bethesda

Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios have released new details for Prey, the first-person sci-fi action game from the creators of the award-winning Dishonored series.

Neo-Deco Space Station
Welcome to Talos I, an enormous space station that you can explore as you like. (In fact, the team at Arkane often refers to Prey as an “open space station game.”)

The first thing you’ll likely notice: Talos I looks like no other space station – in movies or in games. The richly appointed interiors have elements of everything from art deco to modernism, with lavish details and warm touches. There’s a reason for this. The station was built over the course of generations, starting in the Kennedy era, and extending into the near future. For an overview of the development of Talos I, check out: Prey – The History of TranStar

PREY New Details Released by Arkane Studios & Bethesda

Powered Up
Early in the gameplay demo, you find a Neuromod. This is how you upgrade your powers. (And yes, you use it by stabbing needles into your eye – ouch!) With multiple upgrade trees – some alien-based, others human – you have a wide range of customization options. Alien powers are learned from the aliens themselves. Some of the powers shown in this demo include:

  • Mimic Matter. Take the form of a variety of objects in the game. Use it creatively to stealth around obstacles, trick hostile enemies or – as shown in the demo – gain access to areas otherwise blocked off.
  • Superthermal. Blast your foes with superheated plasma that deals fire damage within a defined area.
  • Kinetic Blast. Another area-of-effect power, Kinetic Blast deals physical-based damage. Also useful to propel aliens or items.
  • Leverage. Pick up heavy objects to clear a path. Or weaponize the object by tossing it at a foe.

Creative players can also combine powers in nifty ways. One example from the demo: Mimicking a small object, then using Kinetic Blast to propel yourself to an elevated platform.

Just be warned: as you install more alien neuromods, you risk drawing the attention of the aliens, including the colossal Nightmare…

Meet the Typhon
Speaking of aliens, there’s a whole ecology on Talos I, with hostile aliens roaming throughout the station. Here’s a look at three of the Typon aliens that were shown in the demo:

  • Mimic. Small, spider-like critters that can hide in plain sight by becoming almost anything in the world, including (but not limited to): garbage cans, guns, coffee cups, ashtrays, chairs. While Mimic’s are tough to spot, there’s a small tell: If you ever see more than one of the same item near another, proceed with caution.
  • Phantom. These humanoid Typhon are fast-moving, aggressive and dangerous.
  • Nightmare. The name says it all. When you see the Nightmare, flight is sometimes a better option than fight…

Aliens aren’t the only threat aboard Talos I, though. You’ll also encounter robotic assistants called Operators (shown in the demo), along with other hostile hazards.

PREY New Details Released by Arkane Studios & Bethesda

Early in the game you’ll find a GLOO Cannon, which is one of the key items in Prey. Use the GLOO Cannon as a weapon, trapping Typhon in the sticky substance, then bashing them to bits. (Warning: this won’t work on all the aliens…) Or you can use the GLOO Cannon for traversal, creating pathways to reach new areas or capping fire-spewing pipes so you can safely move past them.

Take the Shot
You have more than powers and GLOO Cannons at your disposal. Weapons are also available on Talos I, but you’ll have to scrounge to find them. The Shotgun comes in handy, though, as does the Silenced Pistol – both of which were shown in the demo. Weapons also degrade, making them even tougher to rely on.

Make Your Own
Of course, you can always make your own weapons. In fact, you can make almost anything in the game, provided you have a fabrication plan and the right resources. Don’t forget to use a Recycler Charge, an experimental grenade-like item that breaks items down into their component resources. (This can also be used as a weapon, or to clear a path through a cluttered area.)

In the demo, you find a fabrication plan for the Artax Propulsion System, which you build using the nearby Fabricator. You’ll need this to explore outside the station. (The propulsion system can also be used inside to help make bigger leaps from one platform to another.)

PREY New Details Released by Arkane Studios & BethesdaHead Outside
At the end of the demo, you step outside Talos I in your mission to find Dr. Lorenzo Calvino. The entire station is fully modeled, both inside and out. Not only will you head into space for some specific goals, but you can use the exterior to move from location to location – or simply to explore and find all kinds of secrets.

Here is the official Prey 8 Minutes of Gameplay Video:

Prey is slated to launch Spring 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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