Pre-registration Now Open for Sexy Strategy War Game Girls on Tanks on Nutaku

Pre-registration Now Open for Sexy Strategy War Game Girls on Tanks on Nutaku

Turn-based Western-Style Game Will Debut on Gaming Platform After Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

MONTREAL – Adult gaming portal Nutaku has announced that the pre-registration period of sexy turn-based strategy game Girls on Tanks on the platform has opened. Developed by independent studio Mutant Games, the upcoming title will bring a new artistic twist to the hentai genre. Combining the gripping turn-based action of games like Advanced Wars and blending that with fully-animated sex scenes, Girls on Tanks is sure to have something for everybody!

The title will debut after exposure from their crowdfunding campaign via Kimochi Red Light – the only non-profit crowdfunding platform for adult game development. Users who sign up during the preregistration period will receive 200 Crystals which can be used to speed up time in the gachas to unlock sexy scenes.

Setting the Scene: Girls on Tanks takes place after the devastating Heartland War which left the world in a constant state of conflict. Four competing factions battle for the future of the planet through any means necessary. The conflict shifts when the forces of Nimeria have discovered the strongest minerals known to man – super powerful Crystals that can create an indestructible army. The army of Winter’s Blood are power hungry and want to control these powerful Crystals with a devious plan is to create the ultimate super weapon. Players must do everything in their power to stop them from acquiring the Crystals!

Pre-registration Now Open for Sexy Strategy War Game Girls on Tanks on Nutaku

Key Game Features
  • Story Mode: Play through 5 territories with 80+ unique levels
  • Multiplayer PVE Mode: Once you’ve learnt the ropes, team up and join other players and in a weekly PVE Faction War
  • 14 Unique Unit types: Take command of a wide range of military forces, from Rocket Artillery and Motorbikes to Bombers and Helicopters
  • Commanders and Officers: All your Officers have unique abilities and level up the more they are used. Try out different Girls and see what abilities suit your play style. Be sure to mix it up
  • Interactive sex scenes: Level up your officers to boost their powers and unlock incredible animated sex scenes!

System Requirements:

⦁ Platform: PC/ MAC
⦁ OS: Window 7 (or later) / Mac OS X 10.9 (or later) / Linux
⦁ Internet Browser: Google Chrome 49 (or later) / Mozilla Firefox 50 (or later) / Internet Explorer 11 (or later) / Edge 14 (or later) / Safari 10 (or later) / Opera 42 (or later)

You can pre-register to play Girls on Tanks right here.

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