Porting a Windows 8 Game to Xbox One is Possible

Xbox Director of Development, Boyd Multerer, stated in the latest issue of Xbox The Official Magazine, that porting a Windows 8 game to Xbox One is possible, in theory.

Porting a Windows 8 Game to Xbox One is Possible


Multerer then stated,

“The basic box is definitely easier to develop for, and that goes a long way,” he explained. “We spent a lot of time making sure that if you know how to write a game in DirectX in Windows, you already know how to write a game in Xbox One, and the games that are being written for Windows 8 that are using DX are porting really quickly to Xbox One. Like often in a day, maybe two, because the APIs are that similar.

“Yes, you have to tweak for the specific performance characteristics of this box, but you basically already know how to do it, if you’ve developed for Windows. In reality, everything’s more complicated than that, but yeah.”

He added,

“I think that the Indies are going to find the Xbox One to be a fantastic platform. I ran [the Microsoft XNA Framework], and I care tremendously about the indies, and as we were designing the Xbox One, one of my goals was to bake in support for independent developers really deeply into the operating system, so that when we did get to this part of the conversation, it’s going to flow pretty naturally.”

You can take a look at the 25 games that are heading to Xbox One through the ID@Xbox program here.

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Source: Xbox The Official Magazine